Family is paramount, but building the family you’ve always wanted may not be as straightforward as you once imagined. Natural conception is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and it is possible to bring home a healthy, happy baby using alternative pathways.
Our fertility clinic in Los Angeles is your partner on the exciting journey to parenthood. We are by your side every step of the way, personalizing our service to meet your family’s unique needs.

Whether you are experiencing unexplained fertility, have advanced maternal age, or are in a same-sex couple, our leading-edge treatment options are your one-way ticket to parenthood. Find out more about our Los Angeles fertility clinic’s approach below.

Your family, your way

Our patients are the heart of what we do at IVFLA in Los Angeles. We understand that the family building process is highly personal – your needs, wants, and desires are front-of-mind through every iteration of your tailored treatment plan.
We welcome people from all walks of life into our fertility clinic. Sensitive and non-judgmental, our goal is to make you feel comfortable and empowered from day one.
We provide leading solutions for singles and couples facing several roadblocks, including:

Unexplained infertility

An unexplained infertility diagnosis means no specific cause of infertility can be identified. This is not a label we take lightly, and we provide all of the necessary testings to rule out other fertility challenges.
Even for couple’s that can conceive, a near-perfect series of events must take place:

  • A healthy egg must be released from the ovary.
  • A healthy sperm must meet the egg after traveling through the reproductive tract during a small window of time – generally, an egg must be fertilized between 12 and 24 hours after release.
  • The newly-formed embryo must travel through the fallopian tube into the lining of the uterus.
  • The embryo must implant and grow into a fetus.

If any one of these stages is interrupted, infertility occurs. And if the specific interruption cannot be defined, you are left with an unexplained infertility diagnosis.
Unexplained infertility is not all bad news. Although a cause cannot be identified, a treatment can. Several pathways – intrauterine insemination (IUI) and in vitro fertilization (IVF), for example – offer favorable success rates.

Abnormal sperm counts

A couple’s fertility treatment process often begins with a comprehensive semen analysis. Through various lab tests, our fertility specialists measure the characteristics – such as sperm count – that could affect a person’s ability to become a parent.
It’s worth noting that semen analysis results can change over time. You may need to undergo several tests to get the answers you are looking for.

Recurring pregnancy loss

Pregnancy loss takes an emotional toll, and recurring miscarriage can cause you to lose hope of starting or growing your family. Various factors increase the risk of pregnancy loss, including the following:

  • Your age – people older than 35 have a higher risk of pregnancy loss. At 35, the risk is about 20 percent. At 40, it’s 40 percent.
  • Your previous pregnancy experiences – people that have had two or more consecutive pregnancy losses are more likely to experience a miscarriage.
  • Your health – chronic conditions can increase the risk of miscarriage. So, too, can being under- or overweight. Uterine and cervical abnormalities may also play a role in pregnancy loss.

Depending on the underlying cause of your miscarriage experiences, we can create a safe and successful roadmap to family building.

Other reasons to visit our LA fertility clinic

  • We can also assist those that:
  • Would like to preserve their fertility
  • Are in a same-sex couple
  • Want to select the gender of their child
  • Require reproductive surgery

Why choose IVFLA Fertility?

When it comes to things as important as health and family, you must partner with a team of qualified specialists that understand the complexities of cutting-edge therapies and nuances of the emotional experience.
IVFLA Fertility is a fertility clinic in Los Angeles committed to practicing a unique, personalized style of medical care that delivers industry-leading technology backed by warmth and comfort.

Here’s why our hundreds of patients chose us to build their family:

  • Our team has the experience needed to map a successful pathway to parenthood. Since 1991, we have provided extensive testing and a dynamic and individualized treatment range to people living locally and afar.
  • We use the latest technology to improve treatment safety and success rates. IVFLA specializes in world-class IVF.
  • We bridge the gap between Western and Eastern medicine by utilizing adjunctive and alternative therapies alongside conventional treatments.
  • We do not discriminate. We welcome people of all ages, genders, sexualities, races, and religions. Everyone deserves the joy of parenthood, and we are honored to be a part of your journey, whoever you are.

Cutting-edge fertility treatments

No two individual’s circumstances are alike, and that’s why we are thrilled to offer a comprehensive and holistic toolbox of reproductive medicines and treatment options to Los Angeles families.
Here is a quick overview of some of the fertility services available at our clinic:

  • IVF – this process involves fertilizing the egg outside of the body, nurturing it in a controlled environment, and then transferring it into the patient’s uterus. For individuals aged 35 and under, IVF offers an over 50 percent success rate.
  • Surrogacy – this is an assisted reproductive technology (ART) where a surrogate becomes pregnant and carries the baby to birth, after which the baby is returned to the intended parents.
  • Egg freezing – also called mature oocyte cryopreservation, egg freezing preserves a person’s fertility, improving the likelihood of future parenthood. People choose egg freezing for several reasons: they may be undertaking a medical treatment that puts their fertility at risk, or they might be in the process of IVF, as examples.

Your journey to parenthood starts here

There is no right or wrong way to build a family – there is your way, and we are here to guide you as you embark on the next chapter of your life.
Please contact us today to schedule your consultation at our fertility clinic in Los Angeles.