Fertility clinics: Your partners in parenthood

The path to parenthood is different for every individual, and many look beyond natural conception to build the family of their dreams. Whether you are in a same-sex couple or up against unexplained infertility, a fertility clinic can assist you through a dynamic and personalized range of solutions.

From in vitro fertilization (IVF) and surrogacy to egg and semen donation and fertility preservation, modern-day treatments enable people from all walks of life to become the parents they were destined to be.

Find out more about fertility clinics, what they offer, and how a visit to your local clinic can help you take meaningful strides toward the family you hope to have.

What is a fertility clinic?

While it may not be the conventional journey, building a family with the help of a fertility clinic is equally as rewarding.
If you are ready to set forth on your unique pathway to parenthood, please contact us
A fertility clinic is a medical clinic that helps couples and individuals become parents, even if they cannot conceive naturally for medical or logistical reasons. Fertility clinics provide individualized diagnosis examinations and treatments that depend on the specific challenges preventing pregnancy.

What roadblocks can a fertility clinic help me overcome?

Our Beverly Hills Fertility Clinic offers a leading range of advanced processes and reproductive medicines. We welcome all people, including singles and same-sex couples, to overcome the roadblocks preventing parenthood and build the family they’ve dreamed of.

All kinds of people visit fertility clinics for many reasons, including:

  • Women that cannot become pregnant. This is more common than you may think, with research suggesting 6 percent of married women between 15 and 44 years or one in seven couples in the United States are unable to conceive after one year of trying. Several conditions can lead to infertility in women, such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), diminished ovarian reserve (DOR), or anatomic abnormalities.
  • Men that cannot conceive with their partner. Male infertility may be caused by low sperm production, blockages, or abnormal sperm function due to injuries, chronic health problems, diseases, and other factors.
  • Same-sex couples looking to use donor sperm, donor eggs, or a surrogate to become parents.

What services are available at fertility clinics?

Fertility clinics offer families a comprehensive toolbox of reproductive medicines and treatment options. Let’s take a quick look at some of the most popular alternative pathways to parenthood.

In vitro fertilization (IVF)

The IVF process involves fertilizing the egg outside of the body. The embryo is then nurtured in a secure environment before being transferred into the patient’s uterus. IVF is often highly effective, with over 50 percent of procedures resulting in birth for women aged 35 and younger. Because of this, the fertility treatment is extremely popular, with more than one million babies born via IVF between 1987 and 2015 in the US.


Surrogacy is what’s known as an assisted reproductive technology (ART). A woman, the surrogate, becomes pregnant and carries the baby to birth. After birth, the baby is returned to his or her intended parents. Surrogate mothers can be traditional or gestational:

  • Traditional surrogates are the baby’s biological mother. Sperm is supplied by a male within the couple or via a donor.
  • Gestational surrogates are not the baby’s biological mother. Instead, eggs are gathered from the intended mother, fertilized outside of the body through IVF, and transferred to the surrogate’s uterus.

Surrogacy laws differ throughout the United States, with surrogates being legal in California

Fertility preservation

Fertility clinics can help you add a child to your family now – or protect your potential for parenthood in the future. Egg freezing, also called mature oocyte cryopreservation, is one example of fertility preservation that involves the harvesting and safe storing of unfertilized eggs.

Women may choose to preserve their eggs for a whole host of personal and medical reasons, including the following:

  • They are not yet ready to start a family but wish to safeguard the possibility of parenthood
  • They are undergoing a medical treatment that puts their fertility at risk, such as chemotherapy
  • They are undertaking IVF

How do I know when to visit a fertility clinic?

Many couples spend years taking steps to avoid pregnancy, only to struggle to conceive when the right time rolls around. You may begin to feel frustrated after just a few months. Several factors contribute to your likelihood of conception, such as:

  • Your age
  • Your health
  • Your family history
  • Your personal medical history
  • Lifestyle factors, such as your use of alcohol and drugs
  • How often you have unprotected sex

As a general rule, most couples visit a fertility clinic after 12 months of trying to have a baby with no result. However, if you are a woman aged 35 or older or have an irregular menstrual cycle, you may wish to consult with a specialist sooner.

How do I choose a fertility clinic?

Few things matter more in life than family, and when the stakes are this high, you want to be sure your future child is in safe and capable hands. When choosing a fertility clinic, do your research. Ask as many questions as needed to feel comfortable and confident with the clinic’s staff, ethics, experience, and equipment.
Asking the following questions can provide valuable insight into the quality of a fertility clinic:

  • What experience does the medical staff have? How long have they been practicing in the reproductive medicine space?
  • Which procedures do the clinic offer? There are no one-size-fits-all fertility solutions, so be sure the fertility clinic you choose offers a comprehensive, cutting-edge service range.
  • What sort of limitations does the clinic have on treatments?

Our team is always happy to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have. Please do not hesitate to reach out

Begin your journey to parenthood

While it may not be the conventional journey, building a family with the help of a fertility clinic is equally as rewarding.
If you are ready to set forth on your unique pathway to parenthood, please contact us today to schedule a consultation. Our friendly team is here to assist you in any way you need.