INVOcell Services

The IVFLA Fertility clinic strives to always be on the cutting edge of fertility technology, helping women and couples achieve parenthood using the best methods available. We are thrilled to offer the innovative technique called INVOcell—a great alternative to in-vitro fertilization (IVF). Our staff of friendly fertility experts understands that older technologies may not be an option for everyone, for medical or religious reasons, so we go the extra mile to provide things like INVOcell to our Beverly Hills patients.
INVOcell is an FDA-cleared Intravaginal Culture (IVC) process, allowing fertilization to take place between the sperm and egg, within a small container (about the size of a thimble) inside the body. INVOcell shares many steps with traditional IVF, but instead allows the initial embryo development to take place inside the woman’s body, as opposed to a laboratory. This offers a more personalized, natural option that some women prefer.

Similar to IVF, the INVOcell procedure use hormonal ovarian stimulation and egg retrieval, but then the egg and sperm are placed within the INVOcell device for fertilization and early embryonic growth. Once an embryo is considered viable or developed enough, it is transferred back into the woman’s uterus. This innovative process may improve the odds of a healthy pregnancy, and may be less expensive than IVF in some areas.

Curious to learn more about INVOcell in Beverly Hills? Are you ready to explore a new, cost-effective, and more natural route to growing your family? Get in touch with us today at IVFLA Fertility!