INVOcell Services

Here at IVFLA, we are always on the cutting edge of fertility treatments, bringing the best possible methods to our patients. For women and couples looking to become parents, there is a new, innovative technology called INVOcell, which we are thrilled to offer at our Murrieta clinic. This is a great alternative to conventional IVF, which may not be an option for everyone due to religious or medical reasons. Depending on your health and goals for your family, INVOcell may be a great choice for you. Our staff of fertility experts is here to answer your questions about this exciting new procedure.
INVOcell is similar to traditional in vitro fertilization (IVF), but instead of growing the embryo inside a laboratory, the device allows initial development to happen inside a woman’s body. This Intravaginal Culture (IVC) process is cleared by the FDA, using a small container (just larger than a thimble) that holds the sperm and egg for the incubation period. INVOcell offers a more natural, hands-on option preferred by some women.

Before using the INVOcell technology, hormonal ovarian stimulation and egg retrieval are used, similar to the traditional IVF process. Once viable eggs and sperm are collected, they are combined and placed in the INVOcell device, which is held inside the vagina for the early embryonic growth stages. After the embryo is viable, it is transferred into the woman’s uterus, and any remaining embryos may be preserved for future use. INVOcell is touted as a less-invasive, less-costly alternative to IVF, and may improve your odds of a healthy pregnancy.

If you want to learn more about our Murrieta INVOcell fertility treatments or other popular services such as surrogacy, reach out to us today at IVFLA!