Egg Donation Murrieta

Egg Donation

Thousands of couples rely on the generosity of egg donors to build their families every year. With the rise of infertility, and the popularity of procedures like IVF, the need for egg donation has never been greater. At IVFLA Fertility clinic, we provide egg donation services in Murrieta, helping patients of all ages and backgrounds become the parents they long to be. Whether you are in need of donated eggs for your fertility treatments, or you are a healthy woman looking to donate your eggs, we’re here for you.
Egg Donation Murrieta
Often, women seek donated eggs in the case of advanced maternal age or poor egg quality, among many other reasons. Once a woman reaches her mid-30s, the viability of her eggs decreases, and pregnancy may be safer and easier with donated eggs. Who is typically searching for Murrieta egg donation services?
  • Women over the age of 35
  • Women who have no ovaries, but still have a healthy uterus
  • Couples in which the woman has poor-quality eggs, but desire to use the man’s sperm
  • Women who have health or genetic complications they don’t wish to pass on
The process for egg donation is relatively simple, but does come with some legal and medical requirements. Donors must pass stringent testing, like with any tissue donation, and must undergo ovulation treatment (hormonal medication) and egg harvesting. Depending on your age and health status, the health of the donor, and the quality of the sperm, donated eggs may boost the odds of a healthy pregnancy.

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